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Ductile Technologies

LEADER'S VOICE - Mamoru Otahara, General Manager, Ductile Department - For No.1 Shares in the Fields of Trucks and Construction Machines

ASAHI TEC responds to a wide variety of needs through high-mix low-volume production using the total production management. With our leading technologies in producing large-size components, we are striving to achieve the No.1 shares in the fields of trucks and construction machinery.

Technological Lineup
01 Floating Seal

ASAHI TEC produces floating seals 150,000 – 160,000 units per month with the stack mold method of the cold box process. We maintain our pricing edge by using our original rubber molds. The components are made of special cast iron that has superior wear resistance and slide-ability, which are used as mechanical seals for construction machines, etc.

02 Ductile Cast Iron

ASAHI TEC produces 4,000t per month of FCD 450-600 ductile cast iron parts, which are mainly installed for transmission and underbodies of trucks and construction machines. Efficient production of large and small size components is realized via the cooling control within the casting molds, adapting to a variety of materials with the use of additives and elaborate production plans.

03 Hyper Ductile
Micro graph of Hyper Ductile

Hyper Ductile is a superior material with the mechanical performance of FCD800 as well as the easy-machining properties of FCD500.

The key concepts of Hyper Ductile are:
1) Weight Saving Design (free design and higher strength of cast metal)
2) Lower Costs (replacement of forged steel or cast steel)

04 CAE (Casting Simulation)

For defect-free and optimum designs, the molten metal flow and solidification within the mold can be visualized with the CAE simulations to predict potential types and locations of defects.

Main Analysis using CAE are:
1) Molten Metal Flow Analysis
2) Solidification Analysis, Defect Analysis
By arranging the CAD data from the customers, we make comprehensive use of the 3D data to create the molds for cast metal.