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Aluminum Wheel Business

Aluminum wheels decorate the exterior of automobiles while serving as essential safety components. By fully shifting the wheel production to the overseas plants, ASAHI TEC is challenging to make the Japanese office the central control tower to globally manage sales, R&D, production control, and quality assurance. We readily meet diverse needs of our customers with our various production technologies including conventional casting methods of Gravity Die Cast (GD) and Center Gate LPD as well as our unique technology for large-diameter, light-weight wheels called ASAHI New Casting (ANC).

ASAHI New Casting (ANC)

Adopting the Dual Gate System rather than the conventional single center gate system for wheel cavities, ANC realizes to control mold temperature for the production of large-diameter, light-weight wheels.

Center Gate LPD

This method, which has a single gate in the center of the casting wheel mold, is the world's most commonly used method to produce commodity wheels.

Gravity Die Cast

This casting method utilizes the natural gravity to cast into the mold to produce automobile wheels and motorcycle wheels.

AF Technology

The latest heat-treatment furnace by ASAHI TEC has reduced the product heat-up time within the furnace to less than 10 minutes, which is a considerable reduction from an hour using the conventional atmosphere furnace.